About Ashbury Netball

Ashbury’s first Committee was formed in 1972 to guide the Club when we joined the Western District Netball Association when we entered 4 teams.

2018 Committee
President Lesley Evans
Vice President Anne Tait
Secretary Catherine Nealon
Assistant Secretary Sue Camara
Treasurer Rita Lombardo

Coaching & Development 

Training  (TBC)

Clare Nealon

Betty Spillane

Grading Coordinator  Emily Cavanagh
Umpires Convenor (Snr) Position Vacant
Umpires Convenor (Jnr) Tara Berg
Fund Raising Convenors Teresa Lombardo and Sue Camara
Uniform Coordinator Merrill Sells
Committee Member Thereza Cullen
Committee Member Nan Honan
Committee Member Kathleen Land
Committee Member Liz Wheatley
Committee Member Julie Colubriale
Life Members
1982 Valda Evans (deceased 9/9/2017)
1982 June Bowden
1982 Lesley Evans
1982 Catherine Tait
1982 Karen Clarke (nee Barnes)
1982 Susan Channells (nee Evans)
1984 Vicki Murray (nee Storum)
1984 Therese Fox (nee Weir)
1989 Anne Tait
1999 Betty Spillane
2002 Stephanie Green
2007 Nancie Honan
2009 Caitlin Tuttle
2015 Thereza Cullen 
2015 Kathleen Land
2015 Clare Nealon