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Ashbury Netball Club 50 Years

Welcome to the official website for Ashbury Netball Club Inc.


To all our members, past and present, players, coaches, managers, umpires, administrators, parents, spectators and volunteers, we thank you all for your support over these many years and for contributing to the ongoing success of our Club.


We welcome your feedback. All our contact information is available on our Contact Information page.

Presentation Night

Submitted by ashbury on 22 October 2022 - 10:16am

 Thank you players, parents and supporters who attended our Presentation Night on Friday 21 October 2022 as Ashbury Proudly Celebrated 50 Years of Netball.  We hope you had a great time.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2023.

Congratulations to our new Life Members:

Tara Berg
Rita Lombardo
Rachel Merrick (nee Pound)
Catherine (Ketty) Sita


2022 Summer (Night) Competition

Submitted by ashbury on 2 September 2022 - 8:53am

All details regarding registration are contained below. Please make sure you have read through thoroughly BEFORE registering.

Age Groups

Night Competition is open to the following age groups:

  • Modified (8s & 9s) girls and boys
  • Junior (10s - 15s) girls and boys under 12
  • Cadet Girls (16s & 17s)
  • Cadet Boys (13s - 17s)
  • Cadet Mixed (14s - 17s)*
  • Senior Women's (18+)
  • Senior Men's (15+)
  • Senior Mixed (15+)*

*Players are eligible to play both single gendered and mixed competitions if they wish.  Please contact the club if you would like to play in 2 teams.

Dates and Times

  • Games will be held Tuesday evenings, beginning 11th October and running for 10 weeks until 13th December.
  • Game times for 8 - 15 years are either 6pm, 6:30pm or 7pm, and the same timeslot will be allocated each week.
  • Games for 16 years and above are either 7pm, 7:30pm, 8pm or 8:30pm, and the same timeslot will be allocated each week.
  • Game times for all teams will be advised one week prior to the competition start date by IWNA.


All games are held at Cintra Park Netball Courts, Concord.


There are two separate fee tiers, as players who participated in the Winter competition have already paid the Netball NSW portion of their fees for 2022.

Age Group

Existing Player

New Player

Modified - Girls & Boys (8s & 9s)



Junior (10s-15s) girls and boys under 12s



Cadet Girls (16s & 17s)



Cadet Boys (13s - 17s)



Cadet Mixed (14s - 17s)



Senior Women's (18+)



Senior Men's (15+)



Senior Mixed (15+)



New players over 10 years old can receive a reduced Netball NSW fee by clicking on the 6 month membership option on the checkout page.

We are able to accept Active Kids vouchers, however they must be used at checkout and cannot be applied retrospectively. 


As always, we will do our best to allocate umpires, however we cannot make any guarantees. If we cannot allocate an umpire to your team, the team will be required to cover their own umpiring duty. Senior teams in particular may need to find their own umpires.

If you are interested in umpiring, please reach out to Tara Berg and we will allocate you to a duty. Duties are paid $20 per game for Summer.

Registration Details

Registrations are open from Monday 8:00am 29th August and will close 6:00pm 6th September. We will only accept a registration after this date if there is a relevant vacancy in a team.

Teams are required to have a minimum of 8 players to be entered.

As we don’t have training during Summer Comp, we are calling on the assistance of parents to take on the role as team Managers to look after teams, to enable some of our coaches to take a break.  Volunteers would be greatly welcomed.

Registrations are through the Play HQ system.


Congratulations to Ashbury Grand Finalists

Submitted by ashbury on 27 August 2022 - 6:30pm

Congratulations to all players, coaches and managers.  Although conditions were not ideal,  Ashbury won through.  Well done.

10/2 ANC Daisies - PREMIERS


13/3 ANC Shamrocks - JOINT PREMIERS

Cadet 5 ANC Opals - PREMIERS


Go Ashbury

Big shout out to any of our dads, brothers, cousins and friends who may be interested in playing netball during Summer Comp.

Submitted by ashbury on 24 August 2022 - 7:08pm

Inner West is excited about opening up our Summer Comp to include Boys (13 to17) and Men (15+) divisions as well as Junior (13 to 17yrs) and Senior Mixed (15+).  See details here.

Players can play in both the female/male and mixed competitions however you need to advise your club so you can be entered in both teams.

For more information please contact your local club or email us at

Walking Netball

Submitted by ashbury on 23 August 2022 - 11:00pm

Walking Netball is netball but at a walking pace!

This program is a modified version of netball that reduces the risk of injury while promoting a safe, inclusive environment for play no matter your age, gender or ability.

Walking Netball is a great alternative for those who feel they cannot play the traditional Netball format anymore, for anyone brand new to the sport or for those just looking for a fun and friendly way to play.

The program will run for 10 weeks during our Summer Comp, starting Tuesday 11th October at 7pm.

The cost is $20 to register however you are not tied to a team so you are welcome to come one week or all 10. It's whatever fits you best.

- register here:

#WalkingNetball #netball #netballlife #netballfamily


Submitted by ashbury on 1 April 2022 - 12:34am

The 2022 season will commenced Saturday 2nd April at IWNA, Cintra Park Concord.  

Ashbury will field 25 teams from 8s though to Seniors, along with our Mini Magpie program.

The IWNA competition fixture is now available 2022 Winter Comp Fixture

Coaches, please make sure that players, especially new players, have a meeting place or court number to meet on the first day.  If you need to find a court please refer to the IWNA Court Plan


Parking is very congested around Cintra Park and I would ask you to leave plenty of time to get to the grounds and to please be considerate of the residents and DO NOT PARK IN DRIVEWAYS.


ANC and IWNA continue to follow the current Government & Health guidelines in relation to COVID.  We encourage social distancing where possible, but most importantly if anyone is unwell or experiencing COVID like symptoms they are NOT to come to netball and should get tested.  If unable to attend training or the game on Saturday, always let your coach know.


One team to nominate a scorer for the whole game (no swapping) who will be responsible for scoring AND ticking player participation in the appropriate space on the score sheet.   If a player is absent the tick box should be left blank. It is generally accepted that the first name team should score but this is not a rule.

Scorer to record all details of any players playing up e.g. Full name printed legibly PLUS the team they are playing up from.

There will be no photo cards used again this year.    

Score sheets will be placed in the centre circle before each game and picked up from the centre circle at the end of each game as per last year (volunteers to help with this welcome)

Any questions regarding scoring please email me or seek out a member of the ANC Committee on the day.


Please also remember, strict guidelines for uniforms apply - green and white dress or shorts & shirt; mainly white socks and appropriate footwear; black sports briefs (NO BIKE PANTS).

Players in the Mini Magpies program wear black shorts or tracksuit pants with the Woolworths NetSetGo shirt and appropriate footwear.

Any enquiries regarding uniforms, please contact our Uniform Coordinator, Merrill Sells (

NO JEWELLERY (this includes ear-rings, ear cartilage piercings, nose-rings, rings, bracelets etc.  ALL MUST BE REMOVED.

If anyone has had their ears pierced recently, they cannot be TAPED, ear-rings must be removed. Please leave all jewellery at home so it doesn't get lost.


Please refer to the Calendar for key competition dates.


Each year Clubs can nominate to hold a fund-raising BBQs at IWNA.  This is an opportunity for our Club to raise funds for equipment and trophies. This year ANC has been allocated 18th June for our BBQ.  We will be in contact shortly calling on volunteers and with further details.


In the case of wet weather during the season, decisions to play on a Saturday are usually made the morning of the game, with the exception for the Minis and Modifieds who play on the grass, games may be cancelled the night before.  Coaches will contact players in the event of cancellation.  Messages will also be included on the ANC and IWNA Facebook pages.


Ashbury Netball Club encourages all participants - coaches, players, umpires, officials, parents and spectators - to enjoy the game of netball.  Our aim is to improve the environment of all participants, from players through to coaches and umpires and our spectators.  The people involved in our sport are volunteers and we ask for your co-operation and understanding as we progress through the season.  We are all required to adhere to the policies set down by Netball NSW.  The below link for their Codes of Behaviour Policy outlines requirements for coaches; players; umpires; parents/guardians; spectators and administrators.  The Club will take firm action against unacceptable behaviour.  Netball is played mostly for enjoyment and poor behaviour takes that away from those involved

Netball NSW Codes of Behaviour Policy 

Should you encounter any issues during a game, whether with opposition players, spectators or umpires, please immediately ask for an Official from IWNA admin to attend the game.  Do not wait till after the game for the matter to be addressed.


Please remember to help support and encourage not only our ANC umpires, but all umpires umpiring on Saturdays.  Umpiring is never easy, especially starting out for the first time.   We are always looking for help with umpiring…any interested parents, please let us know.

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to the ANC Committee for their hard work in getting everything underway for the 2022 season.

Wishing all our teams a very successful season.  Let’s focus on the positives, improving skills, celebrating wins, learning from our loses, but most of all, just having fun.

Update to Registration Process

Submitted by ashbury on 13 January 2022 - 7:30pm

When registering it is very important that you choose the correct Competition to register under, based on the age the participant will be as at 31 Dec 2022. You do not register according to the team age group you may be playing.  ANC allocates players to teams.


1. Player A is turning 9 this year. Player A would need to register as NetSetGo-SET as she is only turning 9, even though she may be playing in a team playing the 10s grade.

2. Player B is turning 17 this year.  The team Player B played in last year was a Senior team, and she will likely play in the same team, however when registering she will register as a CADET as that is the age group allocated for the player date of birth.

IWSNA Competition Date of Birth Range Age of Player in 2022
NetSetGO - NET (Minis) 01/01/2017 – 31/12/2017 5
NetSetGO - NET (Minis) 01/01/2016 – 31/12/2016 6
NetSetGO - NET (Minis) 01/01/2015 – 31/12/2015 7
NetSetGO - SET 01/01/2014 – 31/12/2014 8
NetSetGO - SET 01/01/2013 – 31/12/2013 9
Junior 01/01/2012 – 31/12/2012 10
Junior 01/01/2011 – 31/12/2011 11
Junior 01/01/2010 – 31/12/2010 12
Junior 01/01/2009 – 31/12/2009 13
Junior 01/01/2008 – 31/12/2008 14
Junior 01/01/2007 – 31/12/2007 15
Cadet 01/01/2006 – 31/12/2006 16
Cadet 01/01/2005 – 31/12/2005 17
Senior 01/01/2004 – 31/12/2004 18
Senior   19+

Registration for 2022 IWSNA Winter Competition

Submitted by ashbury on 9 January 2022 - 3:40pm

Wishing all our members and families a very happy and safe New Year.

Registrations for the 2022 winter competition open 9:00am Monday 10th January and will close Thursday 10th February 2022.

Ashbury Netball Club has teams in a variety of grades in juniors through to seniors as well as running a Mini Magpies (5-7 years) program. All players are welcome and we encourage boys to join our Mini Magpies program and Junior teams, as boys are able to play up to the age of 12 years in their own age group. IWSNA are currently looking at options for boys 13 years and older who may be interested in playing netball in either mixed or all boys teams. Enquiries regarding playing in older age groups can be referred to

The new registration platform, PlayHQ has now gone live replacing MyNetball. Please read this message carefully as it contains a number of important details.

When registering in PlayHQ you will be asked to create an account. 

  • Username = your email address (MyNetball player ID no longer applicable). 
  • Password = set new password as required.
  • Payment of fees is required at time of registration (a requirement of PlayHQ).
  • Vouchers = remember to use the Active Kids Voucher number and the IWSNA discount voucher code when registering. They cannot be used once registration is complete.

2022 Inner West Netball COVID Relief

IWSNA are providing a one-off discount for fee registration in 2022. When registering you will need to use the applicable Discount Code. This will reduce your registration fees by the Discount Amount. The Discount Code MUST be used at time of registration…it cannot be used after registration is complete.

Registration Category Discount Code Discount Amount
NetSetGo Modified players 8yrs – 9yrs 6754622B $20.00
Junior players 10yrs-15yrs 10E2C2FE $25.00
Cadet players 16yrs-17yrs 884A5995 $25.00
Senior players 18yrs + 51102085 $29.00

2022 Registrations (select link)

Please follow the appropriate link below for your AGE (age as at 31 December 2022) to complete registration.

NetSetGo NET (Mini Magpies) 5-7 years $120 per player 
NetSetGo SET 8-9 years $180 per player
Junior 10-15 years $180 per player
Cadet 16-17 years $200 per player
Senior 18 years and over $240 per player

Please Note:

  • Any new player under 18 years of age must provide the Club with proof of age in the form of a copy of your birth certificate or passport. 
  • At this time we are still waiting on advice for Non-Player registrations and will share details once the information is made available.
  • Netball NSW have advised that they will reach out separately to all NetSetGo participants regarding the participation packs in late January.

Active Kids Voucher

If you wish to claim your $100 Active Kids voucher (eligible school enrolled child), please DO NOT complete this online registration form UNTIL you have your Active Kids Voucher ID Number (through Service NSW). To redeem the voucher, the voucher ID number must be entered at the time of registration and checkout/payment.


  1. Active Kids Voucher – have the Active Kids Voucher ID Number PRIOR to commencing the PlayHQ registration process.*
  2. IWSNA COVID Relief Discount – have the correct voucher Discount Code applicable to your Registration Category.*
  3. Registration Category – please select your registration category carefully (by age as at 31 December 2022)
  4. Creating Account – please ensure that you double-check all your details have been entered correctly, especially fields such as date of birth, as we are unable to amend if incorrectly entered.
  5. Payment – have your Debit or Credit Card on hand to make the payment.

* The Active Kids Voucher ID Number and the IWSNA Discount Code MUST be applied at time of registration. They cannot be used once registration is submitted.


We would ask for your patience and understanding as the PlayHQ system is rolled out…we too are also in the process of learning. Should you have any questions about any aspect of the registration process, please send me an email and we will respond as soon as possible.