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The 2020 Winter Competition runs from 28 March to 29 August 2020.
All games are played at Cintra Park Netball Courts, Crane Street, Concord on a Saturday.
Game times start from 8.30am for Juniors and 12.30pm for Cadets and Seniors.  Specific game times will not be available until mid-March.
We also offer Coaching and Umpiring opportunities to our members.

The Active Kids Program will be available from 1 January 2020.  Login now and obtain your voucher through SNSW before registrations open.  PLEASE ENSURE YOU USE YOUR VOUCHER WHEN REGISTERING ONLINE.  CLICK HERE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION.

All registrations are processed online via MyNetball - Club:  ASHBURY NETBALL CLUB only
Register HERE for NetSetGo NET - 5-7 years (Mini Magpies - no uniform required) $120 per player 
Register HERE for NetSetGo SET - 8-9 years (Modified) $180 per player
Register HERE for Junior (10 years - 15 years) $180 per player
Register HERE for Cadet (16 and 17 years) $220 per player
Register HERE for Senior (18 years and over) $240 per player
Please follow the appropriate link for your AGE (age as at 31 December 2020)
Here is the link to the  MyNetball Participant User Manual Version 2018 v01.18.pdf

We are now using the new feature which allows you to upload your player ID photo direct to your account - MUST BE A CURRENT PHOTO.

Upload your photo in 3 easy steps:

1) Log in your MyNetball account
2) Select - edit public profile
3) Upload your photo

You can also update your personal details and access your free MyNetball Learning portal through your account.
Please ensure if you are a new player that you provide a clear (current) passport size photo of yourself or your child together with a copy of their birth certificate or passport to provide proof of age (if under 18 years of age).

Age is determined as at 31 December 2020.

2020 Committee

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Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual General Meeting on 7 December 2019.  The 2020 Committee is listed here.


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Training Venue:  Croydon Park Bowling Greens (Netball courts), Brighton Avenue, Croydon Park.  


Players should make sure they come with plenty of water, wear appropriate footwear and comfortable clothing for training.

Wet Weather Contacts

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In the case of wet weather during the season, there will be a recorded message left at Cintra Park. The wet weather number is 8250 2025.  Decision usually made on the morning of the game.  A message will be posted on our website and Facebook page.


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Please click here for the current court plan.  Teams are asked to check the fixture at the Admin Building each week for court changes.


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All players are reminded that they must wear our registered uniform - green and white dress, black sports pants and predominately white socks.  If you have long hair, it must be tied back off your face.  Nails must be cut short and filed, no jewellery (rings, ear-rings, nose-rings or any piercings, bracelets) to be worn and should be left at home so that it doesn't get lost.   See below for further information on jewellery.


5.1.1  Players may not wear anything that could endanger themselves or other players, specifically:

(a) No adornment or jewellery may be worn other than a wedding ring which must be covered with tape

(b) A medical alert bracelet may be worn provided it is covered with tape

We are seeing more instances of players with ear-rings and nose-rings taped, which is a breach of the rules.  Players are saying they are unable to remove certain types of ear-rings or have just had their ears pierced.

All umpires are reminded that they need to check all players prior to the start of the game to ensure that players are not wearing any jewellery.

ALL  players and coaches need to be aware of this rule and that the only exceptions are the wedding ring and medi-alert bracelet.

Any player caught playing with jewellery will be asked to leave the court until such time as the item is removed.

2020 Season - Cintra Park

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Some general news from IWSNA:

Just a reminder of house keeping rules so we can all continue to enjoy the experience!

  • Please be considerate and think of our neighbours when you come to netball and park in the car parks provided which service the Cintra Park courts. We understand that parking can get tight when the AFL & Rugby is on as well but our neighbours need to be able to get out of their driveways safely and without fear of abuse (we really hope it is not our Netball community behaving badly). City of Canada Bay Council Rangers will be actively patrolling residential streets on a regular basis and there are hefty fines for parking across or too close to driveways or street corners.
  • We also need to be mindful there are a lot of small children coming in and out of Cintra Park and their safety must be paramount at all times.  

Thank you for doing the right thing when you come to netball!!

  • We appreciate everyone respecting our clean courts and surrounds policy.  Don't forget to place all rubbish in the bins provided or take it with you!  We want everyone to be a winner on the court and off!!
  • We love dogs and we love scooters - but not around the Netball Courts! Dogs can get agitated & scared with all the activity - players & umpires running around, balls flying through the air and hundreds of whistles. People are welcome to bring dogs and exercise them in the open spaces across Cintra Park but please refrain from making them sit through games courtside.
  • Whilst we love scooters - we don't love them at netball. Please refrain from bringing scooters to netball as they are not permitted courtside.  

We really need to consider everyone's safety - our players, umpires and our four legged friends.

Congratulations Catherine Nealon

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Catherine Nealon      Congratulations to our Vice President Catherine Nealon who was awarded the Anne Clarke BEM Service Award for service to IWSNA. The presentation was made at the Netball NSW Dinner held on Saturday 4 November 2017 . A very well deserved award.