Active & Creative Kids Update

Submitted by ashbury on 3 February 2024 - 9:47am


The new program and eligibility requirements began February 1st 2024.

Netball NSW has been notified of a delay in the integration between the new program platform and PlayHQ. 

This is a sport wide issue, not just affecting netball. We’re expecting functionality to come online in the coming week, in the meantime there are two options for eligible participants.

Option 1
You can choose to hold off registering with your 2024 Active and Creative Kids voucher until we can give you a further update early next week; or

Option 2 
If participants start the registration process, as an interim solution, you will be redirected to a google form within PlayHQ and asked to provide Netball NSW with your voucher number.

Should you have any questions about registering and/or the Active Kids Voucher process please email.  We will provide an update once the issue has been fixed.