Final Grades and Playing Times

Submitted by ashbury on 3 April 2023 - 4:59pm

Please refer to the allocated final grades and playing times for the ANC teams participating in the 2023 IWNA Winter Competition.  The fixture will be released shortly.  Details for the Mixed Competition will be shared separately.  

Please check emails this week as there will be further information shared regarding the first day of competition.

N/A ANC Mini Magpies N/A 8.30am
Junior ANC Wattles 10 Div 2 8.30am
Modified ANC Bilbies 8 Black 9.30am
Junior ANC Waratahs 10 Div 3 9.30am
Junior ANC Wallabies 10 Div 4 9.30am
Junior ANC Daffodils 11 Div 3 9.30am
Modified ANC Koalas 9 White 10.30am
Junior ANC Daisies 11 Div 1 10.30am
Junior ANC Meteors 13 Div 1 10.30am
Junior ANC Comets 13 Div 4 10.30am
Junior ANC Shamrocks 14 Div 2 10.30am
Junior ANC Saints 14 Div 3 10.30am
Junior ANC Crystals 12 Div 3 11.30am
Junior ANC Rubies 12 Div 4 11.30am
Junior ANC Rockets 13 Div 3 11.30am
Senior ANC Flugels C1 12.30pm
Senior ANC Opals C3 12.30pm
Cadet ANC Wrens Cadet 2 12.30pm
Senior ANC Jets C4 1.50pm
Cadet ANC Swans Cadet 5 1.50pm
Senior ANC Smilers A1 3.10pm
Senior ANC Gems C2 3.10pm