2022 Summer (Night) Competition

Submitted by ashbury on 2 September 2022 - 8:53am

All details regarding registration are contained below. Please make sure you have read through thoroughly BEFORE registering.

Age Groups

Night Competition is open to the following age groups:

  • Modified (8s & 9s) girls and boys
  • Junior (10s - 15s) girls and boys under 12
  • Cadet Girls (16s & 17s)
  • Cadet Boys (13s - 17s)
  • Cadet Mixed (14s - 17s)*
  • Senior Women's (18+)
  • Senior Men's (15+)
  • Senior Mixed (15+)*

*Players are eligible to play both single gendered and mixed competitions if they wish.  Please contact the club if you would like to play in 2 teams.

Dates and Times

  • Games will be held Tuesday evenings, beginning 11th October and running for 10 weeks until 13th December.
  • Game times for 8 - 15 years are either 6pm, 6:30pm or 7pm, and the same timeslot will be allocated each week.
  • Games for 16 years and above are either 7pm, 7:30pm, 8pm or 8:30pm, and the same timeslot will be allocated each week.
  • Game times for all teams will be advised one week prior to the competition start date by IWNA.


All games are held at Cintra Park Netball Courts, Concord.


There are two separate fee tiers, as players who participated in the Winter competition have already paid the Netball NSW portion of their fees for 2022.

Age Group

Existing Player

New Player

Modified - Girls & Boys (8s & 9s)



Junior (10s-15s) girls and boys under 12s



Cadet Girls (16s & 17s)



Cadet Boys (13s - 17s)



Cadet Mixed (14s - 17s)



Senior Women's (18+)



Senior Men's (15+)



Senior Mixed (15+)



New players over 10 years old can receive a reduced Netball NSW fee by clicking on the 6 month membership option on the checkout page.

We are able to accept Active Kids vouchers, however they must be used at checkout and cannot be applied retrospectively. 


As always, we will do our best to allocate umpires, however we cannot make any guarantees. If we cannot allocate an umpire to your team, the team will be required to cover their own umpiring duty. Senior teams in particular may need to find their own umpires.

If you are interested in umpiring, please reach out to Tara Berg and we will allocate you to a duty. Duties are paid $20 per game for Summer.

Registration Details

Registrations are open from Monday 8:00am 29th August and will close 6:00pm 6th September. We will only accept a registration after this date if there is a relevant vacancy in a team.

Teams are required to have a minimum of 8 players to be entered.

As we don’t have training during Summer Comp, we are calling on the assistance of parents to take on the role as team Managers to look after teams, to enable some of our coaches to take a break.  Volunteers would be greatly welcomed.

Registrations are through the Play HQ system.