Submitted by ashbury on 1 April 2022 - 12:34am

The 2022 season will commenced Saturday 2nd April at IWNA, Cintra Park Concord.  

Ashbury will field 25 teams from 8s though to Seniors, along with our Mini Magpie program.

The IWNA competition fixture is now available 2022 Winter Comp Fixture

Coaches, please make sure that players, especially new players, have a meeting place or court number to meet on the first day.  If you need to find a court please refer to the IWNA Court Plan


Parking is very congested around Cintra Park and I would ask you to leave plenty of time to get to the grounds and to please be considerate of the residents and DO NOT PARK IN DRIVEWAYS.


ANC and IWNA continue to follow the current Government & Health guidelines in relation to COVID.  We encourage social distancing where possible, but most importantly if anyone is unwell or experiencing COVID like symptoms they are NOT to come to netball and should get tested.  If unable to attend training or the game on Saturday, always let your coach know.


One team to nominate a scorer for the whole game (no swapping) who will be responsible for scoring AND ticking player participation in the appropriate space on the score sheet.   If a player is absent the tick box should be left blank. It is generally accepted that the first name team should score but this is not a rule.

Scorer to record all details of any players playing up e.g. Full name printed legibly PLUS the team they are playing up from.

There will be no photo cards used again this year.    

Score sheets will be placed in the centre circle before each game and picked up from the centre circle at the end of each game as per last year (volunteers to help with this welcome)

Any questions regarding scoring please email me or seek out a member of the ANC Committee on the day.


Please also remember, strict guidelines for uniforms apply - green and white dress or shorts & shirt; mainly white socks and appropriate footwear; black sports briefs (NO BIKE PANTS).

Players in the Mini Magpies program wear black shorts or tracksuit pants with the Woolworths NetSetGo shirt and appropriate footwear.

Any enquiries regarding uniforms, please contact our Uniform Coordinator, Merrill Sells (

NO JEWELLERY (this includes ear-rings, ear cartilage piercings, nose-rings, rings, bracelets etc.  ALL MUST BE REMOVED.

If anyone has had their ears pierced recently, they cannot be TAPED, ear-rings must be removed. Please leave all jewellery at home so it doesn't get lost.


Please refer to the Calendar for key competition dates.


Each year Clubs can nominate to hold a fund-raising BBQs at IWNA.  This is an opportunity for our Club to raise funds for equipment and trophies. This year ANC has been allocated 18th June for our BBQ.  We will be in contact shortly calling on volunteers and with further details.


In the case of wet weather during the season, decisions to play on a Saturday are usually made the morning of the game, with the exception for the Minis and Modifieds who play on the grass, games may be cancelled the night before.  Coaches will contact players in the event of cancellation.  Messages will also be included on the ANC and IWNA Facebook pages.


Ashbury Netball Club encourages all participants - coaches, players, umpires, officials, parents and spectators - to enjoy the game of netball.  Our aim is to improve the environment of all participants, from players through to coaches and umpires and our spectators.  The people involved in our sport are volunteers and we ask for your co-operation and understanding as we progress through the season.  We are all required to adhere to the policies set down by Netball NSW.  The below link for their Codes of Behaviour Policy outlines requirements for coaches; players; umpires; parents/guardians; spectators and administrators.  The Club will take firm action against unacceptable behaviour.  Netball is played mostly for enjoyment and poor behaviour takes that away from those involved

Netball NSW Codes of Behaviour Policy 

Should you encounter any issues during a game, whether with opposition players, spectators or umpires, please immediately ask for an Official from IWNA admin to attend the game.  Do not wait till after the game for the matter to be addressed.


Please remember to help support and encourage not only our ANC umpires, but all umpires umpiring on Saturdays.  Umpiring is never easy, especially starting out for the first time.   We are always looking for help with umpiring…any interested parents, please let us know.

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to the ANC Committee for their hard work in getting everything underway for the 2022 season.

Wishing all our teams a very successful season.  Let’s focus on the positives, improving skills, celebrating wins, learning from our loses, but most of all, just having fun.