2020 Season - Cintra Park

Submitted by ashbury on 5 December 2019 - 7:48am

Some general news from IWSNA:

Just a reminder of house keeping rules so we can all continue to enjoy the experience!

  • Please be considerate and think of our neighbours when you come to netball and park in the car parks provided which service the Cintra Park courts. We understand that parking can get tight when the AFL & Rugby is on as well but our neighbours need to be able to get out of their driveways safely and without fear of abuse (we really hope it is not our Netball community behaving badly). City of Canada Bay Council Rangers will be actively patrolling residential streets on a regular basis and there are hefty fines for parking across or too close to driveways or street corners.
  • We also need to be mindful there are a lot of small children coming in and out of Cintra Park and their safety must be paramount at all times.  

Thank you for doing the right thing when you come to netball!!

  • We appreciate everyone respecting our clean courts and surrounds policy.  Don't forget to place all rubbish in the bins provided or take it with you!  We want everyone to be a winner on the court and off!!
  • We love dogs and we love scooters - but not around the Netball Courts! Dogs can get agitated & scared with all the activity - players & umpires running around, balls flying through the air and hundreds of whistles. People are welcome to bring dogs and exercise them in the open spaces across Cintra Park but please refrain from making them sit through games courtside.
  • Whilst we love scooters - we don't love them at netball. Please refrain from bringing scooters to netball as they are not permitted courtside.  

We really need to consider everyone's safety - our players, umpires and our four legged friends.